Why is it Important to Hire a Home Inspector?

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A home is the most expensive purchase many people make in their lives. A home inspector’s job is to diligently evaluate the current condition of a home in order to deliver a detailed report for the prospective buyer. The report should include a complete evaluation of:

  • Structural components (foundation and framing)
  • Exterior features (siding, soffit, porches, balconies, walkways, railings and driveways)
  • Roofing (shingles, flashing and skylights)
  • Electrical system (service panels, breakers and fuses)
  • Plumbing and Water Quality (pipes, drains, water heating equipment)
  • Heating and cooling system (equipment and venting)
  • Interior features (walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs and railings)
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Fireplaces (if applicable including chimneys and vents)

After the detailed report has been created, the home buyer can use it to make informed decisions before continuing with the purchase. You may request to have problems fixed before purchase, or negotiate a credit so you can fix any problems yourself.  As a seller, it might also be wise to get a home inspection completed, and make repairs prior to putting the home on the market.

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